Legendary Luck Cards

Legendary Luck Cards


Mr. Garmin, who ran a game room in the 1800s, noticed that since his customers often picked the cards with numbers that they considered lucky from the playing card decks, the decks were constantly decreasing and therefore could not be used again. In addition, it was also inconvenient for customers to have extra playing cards in their hands for security reasons.

Uncomfortable with this situation, successful entrepreneur and businessman Mr. Garmin came up with a clever plan to find a solution. He designed and printed some special cards with numbers on them that could not be used in the gambling hall. He introduced these newly prepared cards to his customers with a special and flamboyant show. In this promotional show, a Native American sorcerer casted a spell of luck and success on the cards with an impressive ritual. Afterwards, these cards were selected according to the lucky number of the leading customers and given to them as a gift. Customers were very happy with this business and the cards became very popular in a short time.

These cards, which can only be owned by some certain people, have been highly valued and have been accepted as an indicator of both luck and prestige in the course of time. It is said that only 41 of these cards exist today and these cards belong to kings, important politicians, world-famous sportsmen, sound and cinema artists and world-famous big businessmen.

Mr. Garmin's 3rd generation grandson, will remake these legendary cards according to today's conditions and release them as NFT, staying true to the original design. It is thought that the same luck and prestige will be revived today and it will bring luck and prestige to its new owners.

These NFT cards will be sold in limited numbers and only 1 piece of each number. If you want to have cards that are thought to provide great luck, success and profit, and if you want to take advantage of this great opportunity, we recommend that you make your reservation in advance.